Get a Job Through Social Media

Finding a job is hard. Trust me, I know from first hand experience. However, even harder is finding the right place to look. The fact that my social media (that we all know students are on constantly) can help me find a job is simply amazing. You mean I can catch up on my friends and find a job at the same time?? It’s true and the following platforms can help.

1. Twitter

  • You can look up hashtags such as #jobs or #hiring
  • Search in the search bar for things such as “jobs marketing”
  • And take time to tweet often and follow companies & people that are influential in your field

2. Facebook

  • Like pages of companies you are interested in to stay up to dateĀ 
  • Make everything private except your work history and education
  • Take advantage of the new the “professional skills” section to highlight the skills you have learned over time

3. LinkedIn

  • Connect with influential people in your field and other people with the same degree as you
  • Take advantage of the job board that is posting jobs in your field daily
  • Share more and more. List as much experience as possible.

4. Tumblr

  • Search for tags such as “jobs” or “hiring” to find cool job postings
  • Start blogging

5. Pinterest

  • Create a virtual resume by pinning your experience and projects


Source: How to Hunt for a Job Using Social Media





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